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cancer challenge!

Kick-Off: Sept 22, 2017
Ride: Sept 23, 2017





Join the Pack: Become a Lobo Cancer Fighter!

The Lobo Cancer Challenge is a Bike Ride Fundraising event to ensure that the people of New Mexico have access to outstanding cancer care and benefit from the latest cancer research right here, in their home state, at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Join us in raising money and awareness for cancer treatment, cancer research, clinical trials, and education for cancer healthcare professionals. Each of these components plays a significant part in delivering world-class cancer care — the cancer care New Mexicans deserve — in New Mexico.

Our Riders

Deanna Rhodes

Deanna rides to help stop pain for others

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Support Team Papa

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Gwendolyn McCarroll

Gwendolyn fights cancer to help our community

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Garrett Adcock with Grandmother

Garrett is riding for family

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See why Melissa is riding

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Dr. Mara Steinback

Support Mara's ride to fight cancer

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Riding in memory of family

Support Christopher's Efforts

John David Jones

JD Jones commits to the fight

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Helping Our Community

The Lobo Cancer Challenge raises money and awareness for patient care in New Mexico. As a rider or donor, you can choose the programs you wish to support. Your support helps the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center continue to offer the most advanced care available to every New Mexican.


Top Individuals ^^
  1 -  $5,000 Milestone David Chamberlain ($5,110.00)
  2 -  $1,000 Milestone Mike Hussey ($3,400.00)
  3 -  $1,000 Milestone Connor Adams ($2,770.00)
  4 -  $1,000 Milestone Matthew Fero ($2,750.00)
  5 -  $1,000 Milestone Mark Riley ($2,400.00)
  6 -  $1,000 Milestone Angela Wandinger-Ness ($2,075.01)
  7 -  $1,000 Milestone rudy keith ($1,785.00)
  8 -  $1,000 Milestone Cheryl Willman ($1,675.00)
  9 -  $1,000 Milestone Monica Hussey ($1,615.00)
  10 -  $1,000 Milestone Rob Hoover ($1,500.00)
Top Teams ^^
  1 -  RIO Cycling Club ($13,195.00)
  2 -  SolAero Tech ($11,300.01)
  3 -  Steel on Wheels ($6,145.01)
  4 -  UNM Foundation ($4,820.00)
  5 -  Heme Team ($4,800.00)
  6 -  Document Solutions Inc ($4,120.00)
  7 -  TRI APD ($3,740.00)
  8 -  Willman Cancer Fighters ($3,250.00)
  9 -  The UNMMG Peloton ($3,060.00)
  10 -  Mike's Team (Reifsteck) ($2,488.00)

Join the Lobo Cancer Challenge today, you only have days left!

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